Wcsd Negotiated Agreement

Compensation plans are the result of negotiated agreements with our workers` organizations and may change. $1 million guarantee All damages ordered by the court resulting from a claim resulting from an incident that occurred during your professional activity. Legal Representation Your affiliation provides appropriate legal assistance to ensure appropriate procedure in employment-related cases. The NSEA, through the WEA, offers each member two half-hour interviews with our lawyer for free. These meetings are for non-employment issues. Application of the contract Throughout the year, weA monitors violations of the negotiated agreement and violations of WCSD administrative rules. All contractual issues may be brought to the attention of full-time WEA staff. Conference Representation As a MEMBER of the WEA, you have the right to be represented at every meeting with a WCSD administrator. This is important to you, especially if further disciplinary action may be taken. Before speaking to a WCSD investigative office, you are entitled to a conference performance and are invited to call the WEA at 828-9282. Complaint and Complaint Letter All dismissed employees have the right to file complaints in the event of a dispute over contract items.

You also have the right to file a complaint in the event of a dispute over administrative regulations, policy or practice. Personal Benefits The WEA negotiated a plan 125 through American Fidelity. In addition, the AFA offers products with disability, life and cancer insurance. They are located in the WEA building and are accessible at 0829-1313. Financial Planning Financial programming is available through Chapman Financial Group Inc., which provides comprehensive free brokerage services. Call Sandy Chapman, Erika Borman or Kim Garback at 828-5050. You are ideally located in the WEA building. Homeowner insurance and pension discounts owners/tenants insurance and a retirement plan is offered by Horace Mann.

Horace Mann also supports $1 million in liability insurance for members. Call Jody Gertson at 425-1853 for information. Seminars and training Professional workshops and seminars are available to members throughout the year to improve teaching and working practices. There is also access to grants from the NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education (NFIE). And more! WEA membership also offers a plethora of personal economic benefits programs to save money on your investment costs, savings on auto insurance, special credit cards, travel and entertainment discounts. The Washoe Education Association is the local voice for certified employees in the Washoe County School District and at the Legislature in Carson City. WEA membership gives you permanent access to the support you need. It also includes legal representation in employment-related cases, negotiations, contract application, professional representation in workers` disputes, handling of complaints, examination of representational irregularities, evaluation assistance, vocational training and continuing education and seminars, as well as discounts on continuing education, tax preparation, financial planning, mortgage financing, car purchases, protected pensions, house purchases and estate planning. The school police pay plan applies to police officers.

. The Education Promotion Wage Plan (ESP or Classified) applies to support, office, secretarial and technical tasks throughout the school district The National Education Association is committed to fulfilling the promise of a democratic society to promote good education and progress in the public education profession.