University Of Newcastle Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement

UON employees benefit from competitive salaries and pension benefits. There are circumstances in which you are entitled to remuneration for the tasks you perform or ride. For more information, see your company agreement. Vice President Booth has just noted that while the professional staff agreement allowed the university to send people on vacation, the clauses in question « are inappropriate, as they do not entail an obligation for the university to care for each staff member so that their specific needs can be taken into account. » As such, the clauses are contrary to the Fair Work Act and have « no effect ». When the COVID-19 crisis began at Newcastle University, Newcastle gave employees three days of paid leave after Easter, but also told them to take five days of annual leave the following week to « take a break, rest and restore » (CMM April 1) If you don`t have access to HRonline, please follow the steps in the new personal computer accounts. You can find more resources on the UON Academy website. The current company agreements were approved by the Fair Work Commission in March 2019. Thus, employees who are credited with their five days off are credited. As a collaborator, you can support existing Newcastle University projects and priorities that are important to you. Okay, but how are the clauses in the agreement? Document requirements (e.g.B. If you are not employed on an occasional basis, you do not have to fill out a working time table. Proof of working time is completed in RHOnline. For HROnline help, please click here.

Most university and professional employees receive their pay slips in HRonline. These include full-time, part-time, maintenance and contract staff, as well as meeting/casual staff members who have agreed to the conditions of access to the computer. . . .