Logo Permission Agreement

Definitions: « Logos » are The TaxiCaller logotypes, as defined from time to time by TaxiCaller, a recent version that is on and is part of this agreement. Yes, you can use logos on your blog, but remember that online photos and images are subject to stricter copyright laws. It`s much worse to capture any Google Images photo for your blog than to use a company logo in an article. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule that determines what « fair dealing » actually means. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is not in a position to decide whether a particular use falls under the « fair » category or even advises on trademark violations. If in doubt, it is best to consult an experienced lawyer to find out if you should use a trademark or logo. In addition, branded companies often have resale guidelines for their products. A directive may indicate that the distributor or retailer can never change the brand or logo of the company that appears on corporate products. The attempt to replace a company`s logo with its own is contrary to the company`s written directive and is never allowed without written agreement. Some companies have permanent permission to use the logo agreement that allows third parties to use a logo. The typical reasons for these logo programs are: even an unprotected logo can be protected at the state level.

Don`t assume you can use it freely. Even if a trademark or logo is used fairly, it is often a good idea to add a disclaimer that identifies the logo and indicates that you are not associated with the trademark holder or sponsored by the trademark holder. 15. Law and Litigation in force These conditions and all non-contractual obligations arising from or in connection with them are governed by Swedish law and are interpreted accordingly. Disputes relating to the rights and/or obligations set out in this agreement are determined by the District Court in Linking, Sweden, or, as an option, if TaxiCaller chooses it at its sole discretion, by arbitration, in accordance with the rules of accelerated arbitration of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute. The seat of conciliation is Link-ping. The language to be used in arbitration is English. A logo or brand is a photo, word or symbol that is used to identify a brand, service or product. You need permission to use a logo, unless it is used for editorial or information purposes, for example. B if a logo is used in a written article or used as part of a product comparison statement. A logo is an instant visual identifier that tells customers which company, product line or service they are dealing with.

It may contain several elements: if you decide to use a trademark or logo, here are the steps to follow: 5. You agree that during the duration of the agreement or thereafter, you do not use directly or indirectly: i) use the logos in one way or another that could affect your business value; (ii) use a name, logo or symbol that could create confusion with The Logos; (iii) any assurance that The Logos belongs to them, not by TaxiCaller; (iv) to question TaxiCaller`s validity or ownership of trademark rights containing The Logos; or (v) a brand, domain name or other words or phrases, or b) the name of a company or organization, or c) logos that look like the brand, logo or taxiCaller name, or that may be considered similar, or try to do something of the above.