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Erasmus students who do not intend to take 100% of their courses in an LMU department must choose at least 50% of their course modules in the department with which their home university has a bilateral Erasmus agreement. LMUexchange students must choose at least 50% of their course modules in a single department. Routing authorization for an independent advisory agreement. Agreement to immediately issue the P card upon request, when handed over to another university department or in the event of termination of employment. For Erasmus students, the submission of an apprenticeship agreement is mandatory. In order to help us determine the objectives of the studies, we also ask LMUexchange students to complete the learning agreement built into the application form: this form is a request for reclassification/correction of departmental accounts, interdepartmental transfers, to request the transfer of funds to other organizations/projects without specific fees that cannot be treated as BCR and at the end of the year. Please complete the full form and email the Excel version to With the sending of the apprenticeship agreement, you are not automatically registered for the courses. If the course catalogue is not yet available at the time of the requirement of the apprenticeship contract of your home university, we recommend that you choose the courses from the previous year`s or semester`s course catalogue.

Also read the information for erasmus and LMU students on faculty websites. Note: You don`t need to log in to access this page – just click « Course Directory » to the left of the page. You will find a series of English instructions for navigation in the course catalogue by selecting the courses. An order is required if you contact a supplier for the delivery of goods and/or services. An order is an official document of the university and constitutes the power to commit to purchasing goods and/or services and to cover the associated purchase costs. Approval of an order is the authorization to expand the university`s funds and enter into a formal agreement with a lender. Searching for 100 employees of Loyola Marymount University, RocketReach validates emails and finds alternative emails and phone for free. Find the best candidates faster than your competitors. With our advanced search, you and your team can quickly capture the strongest perspectives and make sure you find the best fit. Get real-time validated emails and phone numbers directly and take them to the next step by creating personal and reusable email templates that will be integrated into your existing email provider. Organize your contacts with fully customizable lists and integrate into your existing CRM or ATS to allow for a seamless workflow. Learn more about your behavior with tenants and see who opened, clicked and responded to these emails in each plan.

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