Hec Deed Of Agreement For Ehsaas Scholarship

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected from the ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship. To open NBP`s bank account and transfer stock exchange funds, HEC and the National Bank of Pakistan immediately need the following information on a specific model for CNIC verification: Once your bank account is opened, activate your NBP account after the visit of the NBP subsidiary, which will then be shared. If the account is activated, your scholarships are transferred by HEC. A student is not eligible for the scholarship if found copies of medical invoices/expense-related documents (if any) Please fill out the positive information and email them. If the father is a daily pay worker/trader/private work, then add the income certificate requirement on the minimum amount of stamp paper from the Rs. 50/- Important note: The printed copy of the application form as well as the supporting documents will only be submitted to the University Student Financial Assistance Office. Copies of the last six months of electricity bills (electricity, gas, telephone, water) – (if applicable) students will be informed to submit price letters and an agreement agreement (on stamp paper) to the students concerned Financial Aid Office by mail until 30.06.2020. Documents provided manually/personally to this office are not accepted. Salary Certificate/Income Certificate (father/guardian, mother) Copies of the last proof of fees of candidates and siblings (if applicable) After filing the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project`s online application form, the applicant is required to print out the application form and attach the following supporting documents: The award letter and the agreement are also attached and must be completed. Please fill out the messages highlighted, namely the name, address (Sir, address), winner`s statement, (winner`s name: class/program: object, registration number). All students must apply via the following HEC online application system: (CNIC of Brother/Sister/Mother/Father/Uncles, etc.) is NOT acceptable.

These students who are not valid CNIC, only B form are also required to inform about the unavailability of CNIC.