Greta Thunberg Paris Agreement

During the day, delegates explained what they were doing to better adapt to climate change and reduce emissions and improve the commitments they all made under the 2015 Paris climate agreement. According to Thunberg, the law is an admission that the EU will « abandon » the Paris Agreement – an agreement that commits 197 nations to reducing greenhouse gases. The roots of this hopeful turning point in climate change policy lie in the fact that the promise that virtually every nation of the world was prepared to make has not been kept. The 2015 Paris Agreement reached agreement and ratification by the governments of countries at an unprecedented rate for any international agreement – and, remarkably, came into force prematurely at the end of 2016 due to the political dynamics generated by the international community. Go green with pandemic restoration packages. This is the message of the 2020 emissions gap report. It predicts that the green recovery could reduce emissions by 25% by 2030, which could bring the world closer to the goals of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming. Despite a recent drop in emissions due to closures and slowing economies, temperatures continue to rise to record levels. At the start of the UN climate summit on Monday, 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg refrained from criticizing the world`s heads of state and government and told them they were still « not mature enough to say it as it is. » In practice, this means that we are rapidly and largely signing energy, land management, a radical change of mentality in our urban societies and infrastructures and the transformation of our industrial systems. These are great challenges, but they are achievable if we act quickly. Heads of state and government like Macron have « an incredible opportunity and responsibilities to take, » he said. But Ms Thunberg, 17, dismissed the law as a « useless word, » accusing the EU of « pretending » to play a leading role in climate change. Thunberg emerged as the face of a growing youth-led climate movement after a lonely vigil in front of the Swedish Parliament in 2018 inspired children and young people around the world to stage school strikes on Friday afternoons.

To achieve a more sustainable path, the world`s leading public and private financial institutions must not only invest more in clean new alternatives, but also stop investing in old environmental technologies. In the wake of the COVID 19 crisis, governments and development banks should provide unprecedented investments to create economies and jobs. There is strong evidence that it would be wise for these investments to be directed towards low-carbon projects that are resistant to climate change. South Korea is a good example; After the 2008/2009 economic crisis, the country invested more in green stimulus measures than any other OECD country, and was one of the fastest rebounding countries. London has been hot during the last holiday – hotter than ever recorded for Easter Monday. The Biobiological Diversity Summit in New York aims to provide political impetus and momentum for the development of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework. But activists do not want to wait and are calling on governments to take advantage of this year`s UN talks to make new political commitments to reduce emissions more quickly.