Gct Planners Collective Agreement

ILWU 502 represents planners at Global Container Terminals and ILWU deplored the GCT detachment process, which prioritizes members of the bargaining unit, then union members who were not in the bargaining unit, and then external candidates. The employer did not inform the Union of the opening date of the secondments or how members could apply. Ryan Copeland submitted that, since the collective agreement did not require the employer to provide this information to the Union, all parts of the recruitment process were governed by administrative law and that the Union had no basis for complaint, since no member of the collective agreement unit had applied for the positions. ILWU Local 502 and GCT are working with a mediator to reach an agreement in the hope of avoiding a work stoppage at Deltaport and Vanterm. ILWU Local 502 withdrew its strike statement of September 3, 2018 and recommends that members vote in favour of the agreement. CIFFA learned that the initial contract negotiations between GCT Canada, which operates two container terminals in Port of Vancouver, and ILWU 502, which represent planners and planning assistants, « ended in significant gaps between the parties. As such, ILWU 502 issued a strike notice on 3 September 2018. GCT Canada indicated that it is committed to working with ILWU Local 502 to negotiate the first collective agreement for its planners, in order to pursue an effective working relationship and sustainable operational stability. A: A union is an organization whose purpose is to collectively negotiate the wages, hours and conditions of employment of a certain group of workers. The Union acts on behalf of the worker and is its exclusive representative. In an email to the Union on 20 December, the employer stated that there were « no 502 local candidates » for the three positions held by external candidates.

The statement is simple: 502 members on site were not properly informed of the vacancies. I am not convinced by the employer`s opposing arguments. A: Your employer is not allowed to ask you if you signed a Union card or how to vote on election day. Your employer has no right to intimidate or harass workers who wish to join a union. ILWU International Executive Board Sends their support The contents of the letter are available on the CIFFA website. The Auditor General of Canada has just released its spring 2019 report on the taxation of e-commerce. The purpose of this audit was to determine whether the Canada Revenue Agency, the Canada Border Services Agency and the Department of Finance of Canada, with respect to e-commerce, ensured that the tax system was neutral and that the GST/HST tax base was protected. UPDATE – September 06, 2018: Federal mediators in talks underway between Global Container Terminals (GCT) and ILWU Local 502 If you vote by secret ballot on the day of the vote, please vote Union YES.