Designated Area Migration Agreement Adelaide

The second phase of this process requires individual employers in the region to enter into their own agreements with the South Australian government, in accordance with the main agreement for the region. The result of this process is a DAMA work agreement between the Australian government and employers working in the region concerned. Each DAMA usually lasts five years. Under a DAMA employment contract, the assisted employer may sponsor an agreed number of foreign workers for a DAMA Visa SA, which is the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (SST) of subclass 482 (as part of the employment contract flow). The agreement focuses on South Australia`s regional growth industries, including agriculture, forestry, health and social services, tourism and hospitality, construction and mining. The South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement is the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) for the entire state of South Australia. Once the DAMA employment agreement is approved, a skilled skilled workforce can be sponsored by a licensed employer working in a given region for a job defined in the main agreement for a DAMA SA visa. If a recent or past transaction has been reviewed or tested in the past five years, it must provide Immigration SA with details of why it occurred and the outcome. Immigration SA – Local Businesses – Supporting Information – DAMA Concessions – SA DAMA – Occupation Profiles (Occupations not in ANZSCO) To sponsor a worker under a DAMA in South Australia, an employer must first request confirmation from Immigration SA.

Great South Coast DAMA includes the local administrative areas of Glenelg Shire, Southern Grampians Shire, Moyne Shire, Corangamite Shire, Colac-Otway Shire and Warrnambool City Council. Such a concession allows sponsorship employers to access a concession for the Temporary Migration Qualification Threshold (TSMIT). The TSMIT is a pay threshold for entry level, which aims to protect low-paying Australian jobs and ensure that visa holders have adequate support during their stay in Australia. Where the TSMIT concession applies, the employer must give the visa holder an annual salary equal to or greater than the annual rate of market pay (as prescribed by the Migration Regulations) and the reduced TSMIT (which is 90% of the TSMIT). For more information on the three types of concessions available, visit the Immigration SA website. Skilled – Business Migration, Department for Innovation and Skills, design Area Representative (DAR) and co-signer of the agreement and is responsible for supervising and supporting sponsors under the agreements. This includes a five-year agreement between the Commonwealth and the Design Area Representative (DAR), the Department of Innovation and Skills, Skilled – Business Migration. Employers seeking approval from south Australia DAMA should review the terms and conditions before applying to Immigration SA. DAMA`s employment contracts exist between the Australian government and employers in the region concerned.