Balcony Agreement

We have made huge leaps in data and technology, but we are in very bad shape to reach an agreement. At the city and neighborhood level, there is a lot of dialogue, conflict resolution and common problem solving in many places. The initiatives are flourishing (the Open Government Partnership brings them together around the world with more than 250 examples and there are more and more), including between cities on an international scale. There is innovation, not just in the act of zooming in or disengaging ideas, when we can`t meet; but in the urgency of involving those who are traditionally excluded from decision-making (the Gov Lab offers a nice overview of some of the digital tools used for participatory democracy). Balco has signed a contract with Meyer Shipyard for the production and installation of balconies for two cruise ships. The market value is approximately MSEK 140. The vessels are copies of those that Balco delivered to the same customer. The value of one boat`s order will be included in the new orders for Q4 2019, while the value of the other boat`s order will be included in the new orders for Q1 2020. The projects are expected to contribute to turnover from the end of 2020 and in 2021 and 2022.

Each project should last one year. complete as soon as the project is launched. Residents have the option of having a satellite disc installed on their balcony. However, this must be the subject of prior consultation with the administrator of the house. The glass should be placed inside the walls and possible glazing of the balcony without damaging the structures of the property. If a satellite hard drive is incorrectly installed or needs to disrupt the environment, VAV may require the hard drive to be moved or removed. The occupant is responsible for the costs of acquiring, repairing and maintaining the satellite fixed plate. When clotheslines are used, they must be positioned in such a way that they are not visible from the garden or from the street. Do not hang anything above the balcony ramp.

Balco has signed a contract with Meyer Shipyard for the production and supply of balconies for two cruise ships. The agreements include new balconies worth approximately SEK 140 million. The projects will be launched in 2020 and 2021 respectively. One contract was included in the company`s new orders and backlog in Q4 2019, while the second in Q1 2020 will be included in the new orders and backlog. For the common comfort, it is important that each tenant properly holds his balcony, both in summer and winter. Please do not wash your balcony with running water or use it to dust carpets or sheets. You should never leave your garbage on the balcony. You can make a barbecue on your balcony with an electric barbecue; However, the use of a gas or charcoal barbecue is not allowed.

You can use an electric or gas barbecue on the terrace, that is.dem balcony on one level. The use of charcoal or luminous liquid is not allowed on balconies or terraces. Pessimists and optimists agree on one thing: we are in lockdown on the balcony. Forced to reconsider what is most important. We also have to think about how we should have this conversation in our neighborhoods, nationally and globally. How should we talk about the common interests that are at stake. . .