American Home Shield Agreement

If you sell your home before the end of your warranty agreement, you can transfer the rest of your plan to the new buyer. Call 800.735.4663 to transfer your warranty. The technician was supposed to be from Sears, but it was from A&E Company Services. After their visit to my home, they never submitted a report to AHS, and after several other phone calls to American Home, they said someone was going to call me from contractor relations. An American Home Shield® Home Warranty Plan covers many of the costs of repairing and replacing more than 20 of your home`s major appliances and system parts in the event of normal wear and tear. With several coverage options to choose from, we`ve made it easy to choose the plan that best suits your family. Yes. If you have more than one of the following home systems or appliances, these are included in your coverage at no additional cost. Systems/Equipment Covered: The basic monthly price of these plans varies depending on the costs of the home in the area, the local cost of living and state rules, we cannot make an estimate of the costs you should expect. The sample of sites we tested revealed base prices of $40 to $50 per month, depending on location and plan. American Home Shield is a home warranty company that is part of the private and commercial services company ServiceMaster Company, which also includes Terminix and Merry Maids.

American Home Shield offers home warranties – service plans designed to cover breakdowns of appliances or homes that don`t cover your homeowner`s insurance. The home warranty usually includes goods that are considered part of the normal cost of residential ownership, such as for example. B failure of equipment, electrical systems and sanitary installations. In addition, some coverages have limits on repair or replacement costs, as mentioned in our buying guide for the best home warranties. For example, if a plumber has to cut a wall to access a pipe, the warranty would only cover the wall repair on a coarse finish and limit the dollar value of those repairs…