Agreement Cooperation Template

A cooperation agreement defines the rights and obligations of companies. These rights and obligations include confidentiality, intellectual property, guarantees and compensation. (a) Each party assures and guarantees that it has the full right and full authority to conclude this agreement and that it is fully capable, willing and willing to fulfil all obligations under this Agreement. Prior to receiving this agreement, it was developed independently by the receiving party, or was legitimately known to the receiving party, or received legally from other sources, including the public party or the client, unless that other source received it as a result of a violation of this cooperation agreement or other agreement between the parties. 8.1 The parties act as independent entities and are not authorized to enter into agreements on behalf of the other party or to engage them by other means. (c) [part] is solely and exclusively responsible for obtaining the necessary authorizations, authorizations or authorizations to carry out the activities described in this agreement. 2.1 The parties must be loyal to the other party and seek healthy cooperation. Unless article V of this Agreement is otherwise stated and this agreement is not renewed by a reciprocal written agreement between the parties, this agreement automatically terminates at one of the following events, depending on what happens in the first place: SUBCONTRACTOR does not offer exclusive professional services/products to other suppliers or directly to the customer for part of the project, without Prime`s written prior consent. SUBCONTRACTOR is not entitled to make a press release or any other written or oral public communication regarding the project, client, proposal or agreement, including the Prime contract or subcontracting, except with the express written permission of Prime and the Client. Nothing in this agreement is considered to be the authorization of one party to make a press release or any other written or oral public publication concerning another agreement between the parties, except with the express permission of the other party. The parties believe that under this agreement, it may be necessary to transfer to other protected or confidential information (the « proprietary information »). This information is clearly flagged by the party at the time of disclosure or on the basis of other agreements between the parties, unless it is considered proprietary or confidential because of its content and nature by a reasonable person with knowledge of the purpose of the draft or this agreement. The parties acknowledge that this information is confidential and/or proprietary.

SUBCONTRACTOR recognizes that all customer information transmitted by Prime to SUBCONTRACTOR is considered proprietary information of Prime.