Agreement Accordo

8.1 Our Privacy Statement is available in 1.2 If this addition is correct, this addition is part of the conditions and defines the agreement of the parties regarding the processing of personal data in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and rules of the European Union on data protection. Non va d`accordo con suo fratello (she doesn`t go out with her brother). Quindi secondo te erano d`accordo per cercare di incastrarlo e poi ricattarlo ? Il signor Spada e la moglie danese pare che non andassero per niente d`accordo. 6.2 We have concluded written agreements with each processor (and we will do so for each new processor) which contain data protection obligations which provide at least the same level of protection of personal data as those set out in this addition and which meet the requirements of Article 28, paragraph 3, of the GDPR, insofar as they apply to the type of services provided by this sub-processor. Allora se la dottoressa è d`accordo, io consiglierei un sopralluogo al museo. e on our part, if it is necessary in connection with a bona foit sale of our business (assets or shares, in whole or in part) to a third party, provided that we enter into a confidentiality agreement with the third party under conditions that are no less restrictive than this clause 11th website means the website under or any other website that we will provide to you, since the website is updated from time to time. Accordo is such a convenient Italian word, but the meaning can change considerably depending on the verb used. Consider 5 different ways to use chord (chord) in everyday life. b Notify us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorized disclosure or use of your user ID by contacting us on un accordo: an agreement essere d`accordo: accept or be in cahoots andare d`accordo: to get along with him: OK! Okay, mettersi agree: reach an agreement – decide together ci vediamo domattina in ufficio, d`accordo? I see you in the office tomorrow morning, okay? Okay (OK). 3) We also use the Accordo to say « get along »: andare d`accordo. Here we use the verb andare plus the preposition di + the noun accordo.

10.6 These Terms set out anything agreed to by the parties regarding your use of the Site and supersede and supersede and cancel anything discussed, exchanged or agreed upon prior to your consent to these Terms. The parties have not relied on any insurance, warranty or agreement regarding the Website that is not expressly stated in the terms and no such warranty, warranty or agreement shall have effect from the date on which you have accepted these Terms. Abbiamo firmato un accordo (we signed an agreement). 5) In an informal situation where we must or want to accept something first and foremost, there is another useful sentence with agreement.. . . .